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Molecular chirality & enantiomeric composition

Chiralabs are leading experts in the study of chiral molecules and their related phenomena. We have one of the world's most extensive chiroptical spectroscopy facilities (including Circular Dichroism, Magnetic Circular Dichroism, variable temperature Circular Dichroism, microsample Circular Dichroism, Optical Rotatory Dispersion, polarimetry, etc.).

Chiralabs can offer a wide range of contract analysis and research studies involving molecular chirality and stereochemistry, including:

  • Absolute & relative stereochemical assignments through spectroscopic and crystallographic means

  • Validation of bulk versus single crystal stereochemistry

  • Reference spectra & data ( CD, ORD and alphaD a speciality)

  • Enantiomeric purity determinations

  • Batch consistency comparisons

  • Racemisation & stereochemical inversion monitoring

  • Stereochemical synthesis monitoring

  • Enantio-discriminations & resolutions

  • Diastereomeric associations

In particular, we are able to offer a full package of stereochemical assignment: starting from an initial  powdered sample through to batch-to-batch comparisons and bulk-to-sample stereochemical assignment validation.

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